At the Puppet Co., we have a passion for puppets and the art of puppetry. Our critically acclaimed and award-winning puppet shows incorporate hand puppets, rod puppets, marionettes ( string puppets ), masks, costume figures, and every trick in the book to entertain and amaze family audiences.

Shadow Puppet Brewing Company is an artisan brewery located in Livermore, California, specializing in unique, hand-crafted beers. CLIENT ~ # rm -rf /var/lib/puppet/ssl/* CLIENT ~ # puppet agent -t info: Creating a new SSL key for info: Caching certificate for ca info: Creating a new SSL certificate request for info: Certificate Request fingerprint (md5): 8C:9E:6E:95:B8:70:B9:A2:98:CB:A5:87:BC:66:33:A4 Exiting; no certificate found Puppet Development Kit (PDK) makes it easy to develop and test Puppet modules with a simple, unified interface to helpful tools for anyone who writes or consumes Puppet code. Learn more This module has been marked as deprecated by its author. Name puppet-ca - Local Puppet Certificate Authority management. Synopsis puppet ca action Description This provides local management of the Puppet Certificate Authority. You can use this subcommand to sign outstanding certificate requests, list and manage local certificates, and inspect the state of the CA. Well you're in luck, because here they come. There are 341 ventriloquist puppet for sale on Etsy, and they cost CA$179.81 on average. The most common ventriloquist puppet material is metal. The most popular colour? You guessed it: red.

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This Terraform provider allows to connect to a Puppet Certificate Authority to verify that node certificates were signed, and clean them upon decommissioning the node. The provider needs to be configured with a certificate. This certificate should be signed by the CA, and have specific rights to When the Puppet agent software runs for the first time on any Puppet node, it generates a certificate and sends the certificate signing request to the Puppet master. Before the Puppet server is able to communicate and control the agent nodes, it must sign that particular agent node’s certificate

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Sep 09, 2017 · The CA API uses certificate authentication and authorization is granted based on the Subject Name of the certificate your client presents to the Puppet server. By default, the ONLY machine allowed to talk to the endpoint is your Puppet Master server itself, so without modification you can’t do much with the API. Related: puppets full body hand puppets puppet professional puppets silly puppets puppet lot kermit the frog puppet puppets marionettes folkmanis puppets puppets lot Refine more Format