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Because \ is a legal file name on Unix, GetFileName running under Unix-based platforms cannot correctly return the file name from a Windows-based path like C:\mydir\myfile.ext, but GetFileName running under Windows-based platforms can correctly return the file name from a Unix-based path like /tmp/myfile.ext, so the behavior of the GetFileName c++ dirname() basename() - BBSMAX c++ dirname() basename()的更多相关文章 dirname basename 截取路径中的目录以及文件名 dirname basename 截取路径中的目录以及文件名 windows 下面: #include "shlwapi.h"#pragma … basename Command in Linux with examples - GeeksforGeeks

NOTE: dirname and basename emulate the behaviours, and quirks, of the shell and C functions of the same name. See each function's documentation for details. …

OFILE=`basename $1 .c`.o This command assigns to the OFILE file the value of the first positional parameter ($1), but with its .c suffix changed to .o. If $1 is the /home/jim/program.c file, OFILE becomes program.o. Because program.o is only a base file name, it identifies a file in the current directory. path.basename(path, extension); Parameter Values. Parameter Description; path: Required. The file path to search in: extension: Optional. If the filename ends with